Le Chanson Sans Fin, the Comparison Process, Pt. 2

Le Chanson Sans Fin, the Comparison Process

Part 2

 This mapping by COMP functions is present in most of the higher animals, as well, from elephants, to wildebeests, to birds, and in all species which are territorial, which is a great many of them, which set up their recognition of what is theirs, using the comparison process/function. This does not necessarily mean that the same brain structures in humans are the same which are used in other animals, but in the cases of the primates, it’s very likely very, very similar structurally, in our corresponding cortical cells columns and areas of the brain. 

 When we look at our time pieces, we compare what is going on, to what we see there. We tell time by the COMP. How often is this done by normal working people, each day? We compare local time to UTI in Greenwich, as well. The COMP is widespread, it’s general, it’s universal for our species.  

 It has created languages in the same way, using different rules in many cases, different sounds and tonalities, but each language in its own way is a self consistent system  created by the COMP, created steadily from the very simple in our infancies, to the complex and markedly flexible and capable vocabularies we use professionally in most major fields. It’s the COMP.

 When we want to understand something, we say it in words, and each of these is ONLY meaningful in the context of other words. When we comprehend some event, it’s the same thing. We can talk about talking. We can think about thinking, we can create creativity, & we can understand understanding. & we can compare a comparison, we can explain understanding. We can model modeling. It’s all self-consistent, unlimitted in the number of times we can do it, and self-reflexive as well.  When we are aware of something, we can think & talk about it. The baby’s awareness is minimal at birth but rapidly grows as it begins to talk, learn and compare words to events around it. The words act as stable platforms upon which more words can be added, each meaningful in terms of other words. Each defined by other already existing words.

 Analysis is simply COMP written large in various different ways. To be aware or conscious of something, means it fits into our model of the world around us, built up by ideas/words/images, from our sensory impressions. It’s predominatly the COMP which does all of this. 

 When there are these many 100’s of millions of COMP examples, this is confirmation on a grand scale, that the COMP is real and working in our cortex. Why something this simple, this basic has been ignored for so long is remarkable, but then again, so was air ignored by our species for 1000’s of years, too, until about the 1700’s. & if air can be ignored, so omnipresent and common, then so can the COMP, too. It’s there, it’s real and it’s always at work. 

 Our laws of morality are based upon a COMP. This system tells us how to relate to others, and how to behave. If we steal, or lie, or are dishonest or cheat, we can in every case compare this to the rules we are taught by language and comparing to real events, to judge if we are wrong or not. This cortical function of the conscience, to which lawful behaviors and rules also apply, is in the frontal lobes of the brain. If the frontal lobes are damaged, then lawful/moral behaviors decline to slovenly appearances, no respect for others or oursevles & asocial often antisocial behaviors & so forth, little short of sociopathy. Again, a cortical function with a cortical origin using  the COMP. 

 Our large structures of legal laws are built upon the same process of comparison, endlessly, be it the English, American, or Napoleonic codes. When a cop stops someone for breaking the red light law, he recognizes this breach by the COMP, and tickets him & that’s COMP. COMP can rule and govern and enforce, too. The method of enforcement of the laws is implicit in the COMP. And so on and on. It organizes society by these legal and moral injunctions, by the COMP . And this is in every case. using the COMP creates a body of laws and induces people to understand them and use them. We compare what others do and find/realize whether they are behaving, or not. These examples all come from and have in common, the COMP for their creation, structuring and compliance and existence. This is no accident. Again this tester for the socially appropriate, the COMP checker,  is in our frontal lobes by clinical evidence. Further, in normal people we can appeal in social ways that they “keep on the straight and narrow”. And so these individuals correct their behaviors, accordingly. The COMP can enforce and control this order. It can actually GOVERN behaviors, as anyone who has corrected a child can immediately see. The COMP is a governor of the brain as well. not only does it create the order of the higher cortical functions, but it has checking and testing functions, also, which can internalize socially appropriate behaviors, diction and grammar in language, and watch skills as they are being performed, correcting each & every one of them, too. The COMP acting out of our cortex serves to order, organize and create higher functions and it can also govern and correct them in process, as well. 

 The universe can also be modelled by a similar system of laws, observed and confirmed, which shows us the behaviors, characteristics and various stable parts and processes in the universe. We compare & refer to (another COMP based word) new events to those which we find and find that they are indeed consistent with, ie, they compare closely with the gravitation, or laws of motion and so forth. It’s the same system of organization. So it’s very clear that cortical brain organization and systems are bound by the COMP, from start to finish. 

 The key to understanding the COMP is that it’s a process, not an event or thing. It compares ideas, words, images, events, etc. In doing so it expends energy in our cortex where the comparison work is being done. In doing so, it can order thoughts, and that is the anti-entropic event which a process which creates order must be able to do. It creates order. By creating methods of classification by comparison. By creating indices to organize books and other related systems. By expending energy it creates order, and is anti-entropic. This is the key to creativitiy. This is the key to organizing and controling and governing. It reverses entropy by doing the work of comparison in the cortex. & more energy is required to write out the laws, and disseminate them. Quite within the laws of Thermodynamics and physics. 

 We know this COMP occurs in the cortex of the brain. We can easily Identify  many of the places which specific functions are going on such as speech, visual image processing, hearing of music, sensation, motor control and so forth. Specifically where this occurs within the 5 layer, neuronal/physiological structure of the cortex is not known. But now we know where and what to look for. A system of neural connections, which cannot only store memories, but which can compare them, considering them at least 2 at a time or more. At present time we do not know  how the cortex works. But we know NOW where to look and what to look for, so the job is half done. We have to means now to idnetify the exact neurophysiology of the COMP and by extension, thinking and analysis and the very roots of cortical consciousness. That’s no mean redirection of investigation. 

 The COMP is therefore seen as a great unifying process going on in our brains, which creates most of these grand schemes in all of their flexibility & complexity, based upon comparing real events, images & perceptions and categories of events in the brain. From the simplicity of the  COMP, comes the complexities of the mind and brain. Let us consider the thermodynamics of this method, which can take a basic function, the COMP from the widespread usage of it in doing much of our high level processing.

 Essentially, the COMP  creates order from chaos. It can order the universe for us by its endless capacity to be repeated. In order to create order by the laws of thermodynamics, there must be in energy input. At that point where the COMP makes the comparison, which allows the dictionary, or encyclopedia or book index to be ordered by the alphabetization rules, the cortex does the COMP. THAT is the process using energy which creates the decreased disorder. This should be measurable in the brain cortex. Creating order costs energy and the brain’s physiology uses this energy to create a new word, a new concept, or even a sentence, but the process uses energy and the active process of the COMP is the key to understanding what does it. 

 Shannon’s information theory stated that essentially, the entropy of information is directly related to how much it restricts a description of an event in existence. In other words, order is increased by using the COMP, which acts according to and within the known laws of thermodynamics in our cortex. Nothing unlawful is going on here. In fact, it’s what we’d expect to happen. All of the neurophysiology is there to do it and order is created. It’s possible to use this massive order creating process to create order in books. That indexing capacity can be given a thermodynamic value, also. & it can be measured and studied. This is all very real, you see. Recognition of the COMP and how it works allows us to trace drerctly from speech and language to the exact places in the cortex where the COMP is working. And then to trace throughout the brain where similar COMP is ongoing. 

 In other animals from the arthropods, to fish to the higher mammals, we recognize that they set up territories . They know the landmarks from their sensory inputs of their environment and they know what is theirs. They know(COMP) because they recognize their territories. They recognize mates, predators, food, and so forth. In each case, the dog knows his master’s sound, his footsteps, his smell, his voice. and he compares these to his LTM and he recognizes his master and family. All of the animals can do this recognition in some way, from the at least the arthropods & fish on up. So it’s a VERY widespread COMP. and it unifies us all in that basic respect. In the arthropods, we know we have seen territoriality in the crabs and other crustaceans. These are 100’s of millions of years old. Even the sea anemones and corals will limit their competition by attacking their non-self neighbors, establishing territoriality. By whatever means, they recognize self, from non-self, and maintain their piece of intertidal zone or coral reef. Recognition means COMP in some form is operating  This dates the COMP capability, in whatever biochemical/neural form it was created for each species, back to at least 600 million years ago in the Pre-Cambrian period. This kind of ancient evidence for its existence is not trivial. Essentially, it’s always been with life on earth at least in the multicellular form. 

 But there is more, far, far more. When the Rosetta stone was found, it carried the same message in 3 symbolic languages. The top was Ptolemaic Egyptian hieroglyphs. The middle, Egyptian demotic, a sort of cursive writing for legal and common events, and the last was Hellenistic Greek which was known.  Champollion and Young deciphered the hieroglyphics and the demotic by the COMP and trial and error, which is the same thing. They compared pharoah’s names in the cartouches to the names they knew in the lower Greek section  and confirmed all of it, Slowly, carefully over the years, they were able to develop from very simple words and letters the complex language of the ancient Egyptians which had been lost. Does this sound familiar to how babies learn language? It’s not a coincidence. T

 he lost languages of the Hittites, Sumerian, cuneiform systems and even Linear B have been decoded using the COMP in the same way, steadily building up the language. Recapping the same way we have all learned language as children. The endless comparing, the trials and errors, the eventually creating of a consistent system for the Egyptian language. COMP all through. 

 It’s been found recently that bottlenosed porpoises, Tursiops truncatus (as they are classified), also uses language. This was found, not surprisingly, using trial and error and the COMP. When animal ethologists were observing and recording porpoise whistles, they heard a series of repeated whistles. When they recorded and then played each of them back, the whistles alerted & corresponded(COMP) to some individuals, specifically. That is they compared what happened to the porpoises when their suspected names were played back and found they responded to them. The findings were well past highly significant. The dolphins use the COMP as do we. They have names which compare to individuals. and when we begin to learn their porpoise language, we will find the COMP as central to their use and development of language as do we. This is not a coincidence. This is the power of a most ancient and capable COMP system. Which even the brightest animals have, including our primate cousins. And the whales and dolphins are far, far older than we are.

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