Do Neutron Stars Develop into White Dwarfs by Mass Loss?

By Herb Wiggins, MD;  8 Feb. 2017

There’s an interesting omission in these articles was HOW the white dwarf was also a pulsar and WHERE it came from.

There is a real possibility here. First of all a neutron star for physical reasons, the n –> p+ & e-, and an antineutrino. This process will take place probabilistically, and result in most antineutrino emissions as they are small enough to escape, and occ. electron emissions, as well. Whether or not an active pulsar will also tend to evaporate mass by such processes, among others, is a real question.

But what happens in a pulsar very close to the limits of mass of becoming a white dwarf, esp. if a steady draining away of mass by many processes is ongoing? It may well turn into a white dwarf AND retain the magnetic field of a pulsar. Thus, this presents a kind of neutron star which by mass loss (ejection of mass) and the constant loss of antineutrinos will eventually in some cases, become a White dwarf.

Further, if electrons are lost by the highly energy processes going on in neutron stars, the neutron star will become very, very massively positively charged. This could, theoretically create a magnetar as well, and with mass loss become a white dwarf, tho still highly charged and acting like a pulsar.

If the positive charge becomes high enough, it could result in a large mass ejection of positively charged material, which could further reduce the mass of the NS, speeding its way to becoming a white dwarf.

This model accounts for the super high magnetic fields of neutron stars, for magnetars, as well as the eventual development by mass loss of a pulsar into a white dwarf with a high magnetic field. Thus it simply accounts for much with little. And the finding of a pulsar type white dwarf, may be the first evidence for such processes of mass loss ongoing in neutron stars.

Neutron stars may well develop into white dwarves in some cases.


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