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4 Apr. 2019

Updated 17 Nov. 2018

1. The Comparison Process, Introduction, Pt. 1

2. The Comparison Process, Introduction, Pt. 2

3. The Comparison Process, Introduction, Pt. 3

3A.. Extensions & Applications, parts 1 & 2.

4. The Comparison Process, The Explananda 1

5. The Comparison Process, The Explananda 2

6. The Comparison Process, The Explananda 3

7. The Comparison Process, The Explananda 4

8. The Comparison Process, The Explananda 5: Cosmology

9. AI and the Comparison Process

10. Optical and Sensory Illusions, Creativity and the Comparison Process (COMP)

11. The Emotional Continuum: Exploring Emotions with the Comparison Process

12. Depths within Depths: the Nested Great Mysteries

13. Language/Math, Description/Measurement, Least Energy Principle and AI

14. The Continua, Yin/Yang, Dualities; Creativity and Prediction

15. Empirical Introspection and the Comparison Process

16. The Spark of Life and the Soul of Wit

17. The Praxis: Use of Cortical Evoked Responses (CER), functional MRI (fMRI), Magnetic Electroencephalography (MEG), and Magnetic Stimulation of brain (MagStim) to investigate recognition, creativity and the Comparison Process

18. A Field Trip into the Mind

19. Complex Systems, Boundary Events and Hierarchies

20. The Relativity of the Cortex: The Mind/Brain Interface

21. How to Cure Diabetes (AODM type 2)

22. Dealing with Sociopaths, Terrorists and Riots

23. Beyond the Absolute: The Limits to Knowledge

24  Imaging the Conscience.

25. The Comparison Process: Creativity, and Linguistics. Analyzing a Movie

26. A Mother’s Wisdom

27. The Fox and the Hedgehog

28. Sequoias, Parkinson’s and Space Sickness.

29. Evolution, growth, & Development: A Deeper Understanding.

30. Explanandum 6: Understanding Complex Systems

31. The Promised Land of the Undiscovered Country: Towards Universal Understanding

32. The Power of Proliferation

33. A Field Trip into our Understanding

34.  Extensions & applications: Pts. 1 & 2.

(35. A Hierarchical Turing Test for General AI, this was deleted after being posted, and it’s not known how it occurred.)

35. The Structure of Color Vision

36. La Chanson Sans Fin:   Table of Contents

37. The Structure of Color Vision

38. Stabilities, Repetitions, and Confirmability

39. The Balanced Brain

40. The Limits to Linear Thinking & Methods

41. Melding Cognitive Neuroscience & Behaviorism

42. An Hierarchical Turing Test for AI

43.  Do Neutron Stars develop into White Dwarfs by Mass Loss?

44. An Infinity of Flavors ?                   

45. The Origin of Infomration & Understanding; and the Wellsprings of Creativity

46. The Complex System of the Second Law of Thermodynamics

47. How Physicians Create New Information

48. An Hierarchical Turing Test for AI

49. The Neuroscience of Problem Solving

50. A Standard Method to Understand Neurochemistry’s Complexities

51. Problem Solving for Self Driving Cars: a Model.

52. A Trio of Relationships and Connections

53: Einstein’s Great Subtleties:  Einstein’s Edge

54. The Problem of Solving P not Equal to NP

55. How to Create a Blue Rose

56. The Etymologies of Creativity

57.  A Basic Model of a Unifying System of Most All Knowledge

58. Understanding Psych with S/F Brain Methods

59. The Wiggins Prime Sieve

60. The Complex System of Love

61. The Limits of the Comparison Process

62.  The Bees, Cortical Brain Structure, Einstein’s Brain, etc.


63. The Wiggins Prime Sieve, Version 3.

64. The Prime Quartets Method

65. Is Goldbach’s Conjecture True And/or False, Conditionally?

66. The Magic of the Prime Multiples and Goldbach’s….

67 The Wiggins Primes Sieve:  Cycles of 30’s in the Primes

68. Winning at Solitaire, Basic Strategies

69, The Failures of Idealisms & Brain Hardwiring in the Sciences

70. The Break Outs: The roots of Growth & Unlimited Creativities

71. How to Find the MH370 Crash Site

72. Walking Shortcuts, a Cameo

73. Einstein’s Quotes & Neuroscientific Insights on Creativity & Understanding







The Failures of Idealisms & Brain Hardwiring in the Sciences

By Herb Wiggins, M.D.; Clinical Neurosciences; Discoverer/Creator of the Comparison Process/CP Theory/Model; 14 Mar. 2014
Copyright © 2019
The failures of idealisms are that those are incomplete!. Those not the whole truth of events in existence, which continue to break down those beliefs. Nor can it be. It’s only a part of it and this can be confirmed by IT and thermodynamic methods, Least energy analyses.
Further the fundamental fallacy of idealism is quite simple and clear. Human brain outputs are not final, absolute, or necessarily the case, when compared to events in existence. Logic does NOT necessarily work to correct and avoid idealisms. It’s a sort of mind trap, a closed system which prevents seeing its limits and capabilities, either of which when carefully comparison process examined against events in existence, shows up very clearly.
Math is essentially at its core, idealistic, and MUST yield to testing empirical for growth and development.  Thus the future of useful, real mathematics is empirical mathematics,not logical which is necessarily incomplete; as shown clearly by Godel’s Incompleteness theorem, which has been euphemistically shortened to “Godel’s Proof”, to IGNORE the problems of math being idealistic, and thus not real, and MUST be tested for value.
The old Hindu, idealistic statement “all is illusion ” is that same absolutist fallacy. It’s NOT all illusion. but some of it may be. The disparity between Idealistic models imposed upon empirical, existence events is massive. The world is NOT our idea. The world is NOT round, a perfect sphere, but “round-ish”. To show how silly philosophers can be, even Kant. Our beliefs are metaphorical, alternative brain creations and structures, which CAN, but do not necessarily, show us what’s very likely going on. That’s the fallacy. Those ideas Must be tested to be found out how valuable they are as partial descriptions in the IT, Shannon sense, before they are accepted, generally, but tentatively as “better truths.”
The universe of events is empirically best understood. by avoiding Imposing rigid, not probable concepts on the universe is the yet another reason why idealisms fail.
Idealisms create the “Illusion” of completeness, which is not the case. Once we get rid of and go beyond the absolutes, this problem is removed and we start becoming a lot more realistic about the disparities between our Ideas and real, existing events. We can then learn faster, understand better, create faster & continually “Move to Irmprove!!!”  “Very likely, without limits, as well. The Universe of events is that big and our brains/minds are too tiny in comparison.
That huge gap between what we believe is going on, is re-markedly corrected by comparing our ideas to events, and testing for the disparities and similarities, which are rarely more than high probabilities. So the high probability of the stabilities of events in existence, gives the Illusion of idealism. But whenever we test those, we find those are very often NOT the case, and this creates the correction mechanics, the self corrections of the scientific methods, plural, and the knowledge that implies. Kuhn showed good examples of this from the idealistic Pythagorean models of Ptolemy to the models of Copernicus, then Kepler and then Newton, to the current methods, which are “elements of orbits”. And those lack the SOA conceptualizations which are Yet more complete of being “complex systems”. Indeed the Roche numbers are solid evidence of that!!!
Almost ANYTHING, wrote Whitehead, that breaks us out of our current abstractions is a good thing.
Stated Jefferson, I hold that a little rebellion now and again to be a good thing, is yet another wording.
The old boys are brain hardwired, and cannot come up with the corrections needed, being mind trapped by their innate idealisms and Brain Hardwiring. Their money, power, positions, etc. block much growth. They literally cannot SEE the new methods. In the Kuhnian sense, they cannot and do not want to, either!!! Yet those disparities created by that testing are the fundamental mechanism, which leads to corrections in progress without limit, in the empirical sciences. If the Old boys will let it be published, and do not create HUGE barriers, lasting at least a generation at present, before such work is done.
This is also why Jeshua ben Joseph had no ministry with the rich and powerful. The poor and disadvantaged had nothing to do with that. They were also a huge majority of the people, presenting a vast reservoir of new believers which could and did grow to eliminate the old systems. The rich and powerful were set in their ways. They were constantly rewarded in keeping the social system & religions the same, because of that money and power and position, all reinforcing the silly stabilities of their very incomplete, backwards ways of doing things. Religious revolutions do NOT come from the top!!!  Either.
This is yet again shown with Robert De Palma’s work on the Tanis site in North Dakota. The standard paleontologists had MISSED it. They knew of it, but could not see what it was!!! And a doctoral student,without many of the hardwiring, and the built in barrier to progress, Could!!!
To paraphrase Asimov’s “The Foundation”,  The Empire had degenerated well past any ability to create, or even understand what had been created. They didn’t even understand their power systems any more!!! They simply know too much to learn anything more except within the current paradigms!  In  Kuhnian sense, like the Scholasticism, not only could they NOT see what Galileo did, but did not want to and refused to face the empirical facts, as they saw the large metal sphere and the smaller one, hitting the ground at the same time!!! In a nutshell, that’s the problem in the sciences today. They further refused to look into his telescope, to see the moons orbiting Jupiter, as well. Thus showing that smaller bodies orbited larger ones, just as the earth orbited the Sun. They did not know. They did not want to know. They were mind trapped and could not, therefore, logically, make any real progress past Aristoteles.
“Eppur Si Muove.” Galileo was reported as stating. Still, the earth moves.
And then the Old Boys today pursue their political agenda,and ignore the sciences, too often, the latter of which are their proper duty and obligations.
& when they heard about Tanis, and De Palma, they dissed & dismissed it, and are still doing so, despite the huge amounts of evidence. That’s exactly the difference between events and ideas, which drives Kuhnian revolutions. The disparity between beliefs, such as idealistic scholasticism beliefs and Galileo. The disparity between the numbers  of solar neutrinos, & those expected (The cognitive dissonance of Leon Festinger, AKA comparing our expectations to what we do confirmably observe, AKA The Social Comparison Model) broke down the old physics and let it advance to neutrino mass, and changing neutrinos among the 3 basic types. But they still not explain how neutrinos are stable!!!!!! And why they have that tiny bit of mass!!!
“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” is the operant maxim here.
The same breakdown  is seen most completely with the quark/gluon models which do NOT explain the leptons, the electrons and the mesons, which are prominent PROBLEMS with that current, Incomplete particle physics model. How they will howl when this is pointed out!!!
And that is part and parcel of the active, not corrected, scientific publishing crisis as well.
The models in particle physics are all ad hoc. How do neutrinos get created, why are they stable, & why do they even exist at all? How can that tiny bit of mass be? What new models do we need to eliminate, this quark/gluon  oversight? That’s whats going on here, and is being ignored by the mind trapped, hardwired old boys. Which is why relativity, QM, and thermodynamics have not advanced very much. The Old boys in the sciences, being much more long lived by nearly twice that 100 years ago, the statement by Planck has ever more force and truth these days.
“Physics advances one funeral at a time.”; of which Einstein was yet another example of it and both prevented his model from getting a Nobel AND he opposed QM for the very same reasons, all of his beliefs (probabilities, not determinisms; “Spookie” action at a distance, the EPR, viz. entanglement) not the case.
So here we have the ways out of the dilemmas of the sciences. Kuhnian revolutions are the way out, as once the old boys in Mayology got out of the way, the death of Eric Thompson  brought about the revolution in translations yet again. Scores of more realistic, better translation of the texts wee published in the months AFTER he died. He was the problem. & umpteen examples of that are still in effect, all over the sciences in every field.
As are the old boys in the current publishing crisis in the science. Almost 70% of the articles are Euphemistically called, “unconfirmed”. Which is weasel wording to hide them for they are: junk science, a crisis in science publicizing because the old boys like what they publish, but are not confirmable. And that causes double damage because then the bad articles of junk science are cited, and garbage in, garbage out becomes the new norm.
“Science” and “Nature” and many others have pointed out that the old boys are damaging scientific progress. Simply because they are living too long. Older persons rarely have the creativity of the youth. That is a given and a fact.
And so the scientific fundamental, epistemological revolution goes into high gear, ignored by the old boys, who, anatomically, psychologically, brain hardiwring, and mid trapped, can’t escape it!!
This is what’s going on even today with the Tanis findings, in all their rich, delicious lovelinesseses. Truly, Truth is beauty. And Beauty Truth.
We congratulate the PNAS and members for joining the 21st Century publishing on line revolution. Rather than punishing and damaging those who do it, like so many try, and will fail in the long run to do.
Communicating with photons and electrons is billions of times more efficient than with 100K’s tons of paper and ink, to and fro the printing presses and then out to the readers. Least energy drives efficiencies, AND it rules most all processes. At least very highly likely in this universe. It’s already won.
& again, where Jack Horner, absurdly poo-pooed De Palma’s findings, and so do many others. Even tho his work is very likely correct, too. Taking 15 years to move the old boys out of the way in paleontology is yet another name for the Kuhnian revolution and Whitehead’s and Planck’s dicta.
Get them OUT! If they age  over 60, or stop creative work,  move them into emeritus status and let the younger men who are creative take over as department heads. Otherwise, face the contumelies of progress and growth, and fatal publishing crises, of just because we Like something does NOT mean it’s true. It must be confirmed before publication as Einstein so often did. & not take 10, to 15, to 20 years to do so!!!
Antibiotics work not because of our likes and dislikes, but because the careful, comparison processing (Method of Comparison) of Dr. Phillip B. Stark’s “Methods of Comparison” SHOW the likelihood, not the certainty that most all of those treatments work.
Emotions do not process information very well at all. Einstein was right, yet again. If we are to do good  physics, or indeed any science, we must put the “personal”, the emotions, aside.
And there it is again. The blockages, even constipation of the sciences are thus seen in clear, stark ways which show what has gone on, too & so  badly wrong.
Even until the Nth Generation from Planck, Einstein, Whitehead, and many, many others who have seen that all before!!!