An Historical Genealogy of Tom Horn, Part 2

By Herb Wiggins, M.D.; Clinical Neurosciences; Discoverer/Creator of the Comparison Process/CP Theory/Model; 14 Mar. 2014.
Copyright © 2019
 An Historical Genealogy of Tom Horn,  Part 2
  This is the family of Tom Horn, as given by multiply checked and tested sources, in detail. Using this can easily show the wide variations in data, and loss of solid, reliable information about his families.
1st of all, Carlson is wrong & omitted way too many facts. Tom S. or H.(Hardman?). Horn Jr. was his full name, after his father, Thomas S/H. Horn, Sr. and wife, Mary Ann Maricha nee’ Miller.
He was Fourth of (11-12)  kids not 8.,
First, the relevant genealogies of Thomas S. Horn, Sr.
 Thomas S. Horn, b. 15 Jan. 1825, Mt. Vernon, Knox, OH (place not documented at the time, but  parents in area); d. 20 Nov. 1891, Ladner, Vancouver city, BC,  1891 Vancouver census;, bu. Surrey Center Cem., Cloverdale  (AKA Christ Church yard), Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Ma. 23 Dec.1850, Coshoction Co., OH (state records)  to  Mary Ann Maricha Miller, b. 22 Jan. 1831, Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., OH;  d. 26 Nov. 1908, Surrey, Greater Vancouver, BC; bu Surrey Ctr. Cem. wi. Husband.
Mary Ann Miller d/o Frances Miller, 1800 to 1836, ma. to Nancy Wiggins 1801, 1853, ma. 31 May 1821, Coshocton, Co., OH.. Nancy d/o Thomas Wiggins, b. 1780, Wheeling, OH Co., WVA (now), s/o Edward Wiggins, an Irish immigrant to the US.
The mother of my sons was of the same Coshocton Co., OH, Wiggins family; & their Wiggins/Shoup family has an heirloom blanket from Coshocton Co., OH, as well, with Charity Coulter’s name embroidered in it. She ma. a Thos. Wiggins in Coshocton Co., OH
  Thus, by marriage I’m related to Thomas S. Horn, Sr., and my children and their 6-7 children, my grandchildren, are all blood related to Tom Horn!!!
Clearly, Thos. Sr.  moved to Washington about 1889, many kids stayed there, but some up to Vancouver about same year as listed on 1891, Can., BC, census, which year Thos. Sr. died there.
 & Except for Charles’ 2 daughters, putative land records, no trace of the KS sojourn after 1875, of Thos. Horn, 1825.
  The one last point to be made is that on the 1891 BC Canada census, Thos. Horn Sr., listed his mother born in Scotland.. Her name WAS Hannah Craig clearly Scottish, but she was born in Somerset Co., PA.. & it was her father, her Grandfather, who was b. in Ireland (Scot-Irish), NOT his mother. This did, however, get him get into Canada a lot easier, so it was not only his son who liked to twist the facts around, either.
Charles was b. 1 Jan. 1852, Coshocton Co., OH, d. 7 Nov. 1930, Boulder, CO; bu. Columbia Cemetery (NOT the Pioneer Cem. Carlson misnamed), in Boulder, CO.
b. supposedly in Scotland Co., MO, according to some records. But he was b. Coshocton Co., OH, where his parents moved to, as mother’s family had property there. Then moved to Scotland Co. in  extreme NE MO on Iowa border, ca. 1855, on the Wayconda River, between Etna and Granger. Memphis was the county seat, however.
Findagrave on Charles Horn
B. 1 Jan. 1852 in Coshocton Co., OH, d. 7 Nov. 1930, Boulder, CO
ma. 29 Nov. 1874, Clark Co., MO, to Eliz. Blattner , b. 1854, d. 1940
Thomas Horn Sr. Moved to BC from likely Seattle area, ca. 1889. To Washington state 1st, likely still running from creditors.
Children: 10 known, 11-12 likelyh born.
1. Charles Horn, b. 1 Jan. 1852, Coshocton, OH; d. 7 Nov. 1930, Boulder, CO ; bu. Columbia Cem., Boulder, CO
ma. as above to Eliz. Blattner, b. 21 July 1854, d. 22 Apr. 1940, bu. with Charles.
When did Charles move to CO from Scotland, MO? Nothing much in kids’ marriage dates before about 1900, so it was about that time, likely from Scotland Co., MO, when his father also left.
Children of Charles and Lizzie
1. Laura Horn. Meeder; B. 4 Jan. 1876, Scotland Co., MO, d. 30 Sept. 1903, Boulder, bu. Columbia Cem. Supposedly she d. in Sept. from hearing, altho she was ill, that Tom Horn was condemned to death. However, the facts are that he was condemned to death some time before his hanging. So apocryphal describes that family story.
2. Mary Ann Horn, b. 10 Sept. 1879, Reno Co., KS, d. 15 Feb. 1969, San Diego, CA, bu. Unk. Cremated. Ashes to Boulder?  Ma. 12 May 1900, Boulder Co., CO.
3. Elizabeth Horn. b. 7 Oct. 1882, Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS, d. 1 Mar. 1973, Denver, CO, bu. in Boulder with parents.;
 Ma. 5 Feb. 1900, Girard, Crawford Co., KS, to Charles Russell,  b. 1877, a Coloradan; d. 1921, He died in Casper, WY.
Thus also documenting the move to KS by the Horn family.
4. Inez Nancy, b. 15 Sept. 1885, Etna, Scotland co., MO, d. 27 Aug. 1955, Boulder, bu. wi. father.
Documents the move back to Scotland Co., by Charles likely with father about same time. Ball’s info consistent with this.
 5. Lastly, Carrie (Caroline?) Alberta Horn, b. 2 Feb. 1888, Etna, Scotland, MO; d. 4 Oct. 1976, Boulder, bu. with father.
Ma. 17 June 1908, Denver part in Arapaho Co.. to Eldon Willard O’Neal, 1887 — 1960
1880, KS, Reno, Valley Tp. 3 Jun.; ED 300
Charles Horn 27 (1852-3), MO, OH/” stock raiser!! (raised cattle, &  hated rustlers! & did some cattle drives, too. So Tom worked with him there on cattle drives, etc.)
Eliz. 27 KY
Laura 4 b. MO; & Mary Ann 2, born KS!!!!  There by 1877-8.
& laborers Shepherd, Samuel 27 ILL, KY/”; Purdy, Wm. M. 22 Mo KY/”
Thus 6/5 children to Boulder, and there; after kids were born, so likely in KS?
Twin bro of Charles supposedly died young, bu.? NO known burials in Coshocton Co., or Knox Co., OH, or Scotland Co,, MO, of right age, either. Not confirmed. Age gap makes that possible.
2. William (Willie) Horn, 26 Mar.1856, Granger, Scotland, MO; d. 14 Jan.1864, Granger, bu. Etna Cem., MO; Documents the latest year of the move from Coshocton Co., OH, to escape debts. Est. about 1855. In the middle of the night, perhaps.
3. Nancy Belle Horn Adams. b. 26 May 1858, Granger, MO; d. 6 Jul 1947 Memphis, Scotland, MO; bu. Black Oak Cem. with Husband, in Granger, MO.  She did not move to Pacific NW.
Ma. 21 Dec.1875, Scotland, Co., MO. She did not move to Pacific NW.
Her obit mentions 3 sisters, Maude Simpson of Seattle, WA, Hannah Williams of Twisp, WA; and Alice (Bertha) Loney, of British Columbia.
 All kids b. in Scotland Co., MO, but Cath. V, b. Clark Co., MO, in 1884.
4. Thomas S. Horn Jr., b. 21 Nov. 1860 (traditional, Only. No birth records, baptisms, nor anything else to document BD), d. 20 Nov. 1903(said to be a day before his 43rd BD) Cheyenne, WY, and bu. Columbia Cem., Boulder, CO, near bro. Charles, above.
The ONLY date for his BD, was the apocryphal “story” he was executed the day before his 43rd BD. HOWEVER, Ima & Ina were ALSO born on Nov. 20, and that coincidence, is FAR too much to ignore. Esp. because of conflicting census ages from 1870 to 1880 Census Records. NONE found of him in 1900, either. 1870’s and 1880’s records in Kansas show nothing on the Horns, either, altho the 1885 is not  Ancestry found, altho it exists for LDS members.
5. Martin Isaac, b. 19 Nov 1862, CoShocton Co., (when mother was visiting there, by family history); d. 29 Jun. 1946, Glasgow, Valley Co., Eastern MT. Highland Cem., Glasgow, MT
Ma. 10 Jun. 1884, Granger, Scotland Co., MO.
2 kids b. Scotland, MO. 2nd wife’s son, Thomas C. Horn, b. 22 Mar. 1904, in Oklahoma! and to Boise. Thence to MT with father Martin.
6. Hannah May, b. 20 May 1865, Etna, Scotland, MO, d. 7 Jun. 1953, Twisp, Okanogan, WA; Bu. Beaver Creek Cem., Twisp, WA;
Ma. 17 Apr. 1884, Scotland Co., MO,  to  Wm. Allen Williams. 10 Jan. 1855 to 1933;  To Wash. Terr. in 1887  STates 1st moved to Bellingham, later 1880’s, then
1. female b. 3 Feb. 1885, Harrison Tupt, MO, to Wm. A. Wms. and Hannah M Horn Wms. age 19   (May Wms. Steele ; d. 11 Sept. 1942 Tacoma, WA.
2. Bryant Wms. son, b. Nov. 1889, Washington, p. b. MO/”; d. 7 Dec.1966;  Brewster, Okanogan, WA
3. Ruth Wms. b. Jan. 1893, WA. 3/3 of mother.; d. 1979.
Bryant 1910, Silver Okanagan, age 20. (1890)
1900, b. Nov. 1889, Wash state, living Whatcom, WA.
1 child b. MO,  2d bom in Whatcom WA. in 1889, when they moved there; Last in Bellingham, Whatcom Co., WA, 1893.  Documents Thos. Sr. may have lived a while in Washington state, before moving to BC.
7. Austin H. (Oss) b. ca. 1866 to 1906,  Lost at sea, no bu.? no memorial known.
Moved to B.C. with parents in 1889, No listing in 1901 census Canada; check again.!!! or he was living in Washington State.
Ball’s records state a letter from a sister wrote that he’d died in the Bering Sea by falling in, or something. No grave or memorial known. Unclear if sailed out of Wash. State or Brit. Columbia, tho was supposedly listed there in 1898, 7 years after father died, but not documented.
There is NO body. But an A. H. Horn sailed in Jan.v1906 out of Victoria, BC, to San Francisco, was single, age 42, and occupation not legible. On the ship, Princess Beatrice.
That could easily have been him, and then disappeared in California. Escaping trouble, as his father had done so many time before, by running? And that they, if he was thought dead, would not go looking for him, as they did a number of times with his father? That’s a real possibility.
  ——————— After here all kids ma. in Pacific NW, as moved there ca. 1889.
8. Mary (Maude)  Ambrosian  Horn,  b. 4 July 1869 (by large preponderance of evidence), Granger, Scotland, MO, d.12 Nov. 1968., Seattle;  King Co., WA; bu. Surrey Ctr. Cem., Vancouver, BC
Ma. 7 Oct. 1897, New Westminster (Vancouver, BC) to Matthew Oliver Simpson, b. 13 July 1878, Armour, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada; d. 8 Feb. 1932, Seattle, WA; bu. Surrey Ctr. Cem.  Stone stated b. 13 July 1878.
s/o Mathew Simpson and Alice Vance. of Canada with 3 kids,
Matt Oliver. Nat. in 1917, Washington state, listed wife as Maude A.!!! b. 10 July 1878!!!  Burks Falls, Can,  (Yes, that’s Perry Snd. Dist, Ontario!);
9. Ina Horn b. 20 Nov.1871 (near Tom’s BD!!) , Granger, Scotland, MO, d. 25 Aug. 1872, Scotland., bu. Etna Cem. Scotland, MO
10. & Ima, twin, b. same day; died, d. 3 Sept. 1872\; both bu. Etna Cem., Scotland, MO.
11. Bertha Alice Horn b. 24 Apr. 1875, Granger, MO, d. 10 Dec. 1971, BC, age 96. Bu . Surrey Ctr. Cem. wih parents.
Ma. 6 June 1895, age 19, both of Elgin, BC, she b. Memphis, MO; ma. N. Whatcom, Whatcom, WA, to Jas. Bennett Loney age 28, b. 17 Dec. 1865, Carleton, New Brunswick, CA; d. 31 July 1935, New Westminster, BC, Canada.
all kids b. in Vancouver Area..
Maude Ma. second to Andrew Brown.
Thomas S. Horn s/o Hartman Horn  b. 9 May 1794, Washington Co., near Buffalo Tp., PA, d. 6 Jun. 1874, Scotland Co., MO, bu. Etna Cem with wife, Hannah Craig Horn. Parents b. Scotland
whole loverly fam. tree of tom horn Sr.
note a child, infant (Horn?), d. 20 Oct. 1854, bu. Dennis Cem.
NOt listed in Dennis Cem., but likely on rolls. of DAR records.
So when Tom “left at 14 y/o”,  presumably 1874 (by his lies in autobio) they were still in Granger, MO farm area; & in actuality he never left at all. He moved with parents to KS, near Burrton, and were there 2 years until Thos Sr. lost the farm again and went back to near Etna, MO, by 1880. where Thos Sr. & Jr. also listed. Tom left Scotland County, about 1880 for Leadville, CO, and thence by 1882-3 to Arizona, Globe, Gila Co. and also worked on San Carlos Indian reservation going by name, James M. Hicks; perhaps wi. comm.-law Apache wife, with 2 kids.
Left San Carlos area , joined up with Pinkerton detective service in Denver in 1890. Then to WY and range wars by Pinkerton sending him in 1892 to Johnson co., WY, where the range wars were ongoing. & thence to Cheyenne, and Laramie, WY until death.
Likely, but not documented death of Charles’ twin bro, tho: 12 kids;   Ball AND Carlson were wrong!!!
Thomas S. Horn s/o Hartman Horn  b. 9 May 1794, Washington Co., near Buffalo Tp., PA, d. 6 Jun. 1874, Scotland Co., MO, bu. Etna Cem with wife
s/o Martin (Luther?) Horn 11 Mar. 1772 Wash co., PA  d.1856, in Knox Co., OH, bu.?;
s/o Hardtman Horn. 1747 b. VA, to 1811
ma. margaret —-, sons john hartman, martin, jacob wi. wife Hanna; raised mary meloy;
son jos., dau rosanna Gantz(ger.),
really detailed, but have not tested for reliability. Nothing on hannah craig’s ancestry, tho. See below for possibilities.
Hartman Horn ma. ca. 1818, to Hannah Craig (Scot name, origins)  b. 26 Sept. 1795 PA,  to 1 Oct. 1869, Knox Co., OH, bu. Dennis Cem. Knox Co.,. OH. 1869 A Horn Cemetery, there, too. no data on her parents at all.
Thos Horn Sr., misleads & stated consistently in Can censuses that he was Scot!!!
Hannah was of Scot Irish Ancestry and a number of her Craig family from Washington Co, Buffalo Tp. moved ALSO to Coshocton Co., OH, as well.
Data on the Interloper and NOT a “School marm”, nor teacher, at all, Glendolene Myrtle Kimmell.
Glendolene Myrtle Kimmel b. born on June 21, 1879 in St. Louis.;, d/o. Elijah LLoyd Kimmel
to denver in 1902 or so.;  d. 12 sept. 1949, long beach, CA, bu. Westminster mem. prk.
Parents elijah kimmel and FRancis asenath Pierce; bu. in Hannibal.
1940, CA. San. Louis Obispo, Atascadero tp.;  ed 40-7, 18 apr.
Glendolene M. Kimmer, 60 head, single. occupation not listed
on 300 Curbaril Ave.
lived there in 1935, too,
1930, CA san luis bispo  atascadero, 212 curbaril Ave. note actual sp.
Frances a. (asenath) Kimmel, 87, MO head  MO KY/KY
Glendolene M. kimmell 50 Missouri  dau. MO OH/KY no occupation!!!
1910, Co, Denver,  19th ave.
Glendolene M. kimmell, b. 1879, MO, single  Oh/mo own income
1920, CO, Denver, 18 th st.
Glndeoline m, kimmell 40 MO orchardist on fruit farm
1880, MO, st. louis gamble St.
Eli l. kimmell 38
Fannie (frances) 36
John kimmell 16;  Glendolene kimmell 1
Parents ma. 8 Jul. 1964, in Hannibal, MO .
1902, Glendolene Kimmell, KC, MO, Steno. Wm.. Chandler (whatever that was!)
Avoiding the Horn Trial
1904, Denver, CO, Miss G.M. Kimmell,  Stenographer, John S. Worthington Co.
1907, Ms. Glend. Kimmell, 321 n 5th, Hannibal, MO, wi. Fannie, her mother
1907 Denver,  CO, Miss Gwendolin M. Kimmell (sic) writer 330 19th ave,
1909, Hannibal MO, Miss Glendolene Kimmell, 321 N. 5th,
 with mother, Frances A. (Wid. of E. L. Kimmell)
1909 Denver, CO. Miss G. M. Kimmell, apt 4, 330 19th Ave.
1910,  Miss G. M. kimmell 330 19th ave.
next to J. O. kimmell, Motorman, tram.
1911, Denver CO., Miss G. M. Kimmell, apt. 4 330 W. 19th Ave.
1911 MO, Hannibal;  Glendolene. M. Kimmell, 321 N 5th, Stenog, wi. mother Frances, etc.
1912, Denver, CO apt 4, 330 W. 19th Ave, Miss G. M. Kimmell No job listed where not stated here
1913, Denver, CO Miss G. M. Kimmell,  4 300 19th Ave.
1914, Denver, CO  ditto name, ditto address
1915, Denver CO,  ” name, address
1916, Denver, CO ” name, address
1920, Denver, CO us census. She lised as “orchardist”, and not a sign of a classroom, either.
1903, Columbus, OH , Kimmell, Myrtle G. Stenogr. b. 1329 Dennson Ave.,
near Earl P. Kimmell, Emma p. and Mable phone operater all at 820 Kerr listed as h(ome) and Based (b)
1907, Columbus, OH, Myrtle G.Kimmell  stenogr. b. 1291, N. High (st.)
no other kimmells listed
1910, Columbus, OH, Myrtle G. Kimmell, 2097 N. High, Bkpr (Bookkeeper) listed below Chas. R. Kimmell, bkpr Chase Fdy & Mfg co. b. 2097 N. High.
Then a Chas. R. Kimmey(sic) Home 81 N. 22nd.,
1911, Columbus, OH, Myrtle G. Kimmell 6 W. 10th, Stenographer
wi. Kimmell, Ray, Bkpr, 6 W. 10th. Ave; !!!
1910, OH, Franklin, Col’s 2079 High St. 28 apr.
Kimmell, Charles R. 23, OH, oh/” single; secretary, Case Foundry Co.
Myrtle G. sister 30  (same age as Glendolene!) single, Stenographer, State Collector?
1931, Phoenix, AZ Myrtle Kimmel steno h. 1224 Bellview;
Censuses Listed in 1910 in Hannibal, MO, and Denver
Listed in 1920 in Denver
Listed in 1930 and 1940 in Atascadero. Likely via Phx went to Cali with mother, Frances, in the later 1920’s.
California voter reg
1932 & 1934, California, San Luis OBispo, Atascadero, Miss. Glend. M. kimmell, Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, CA, Dem, a housekeeper. with mother.
1944, Miss Glendolene Kimmell, SLO, Atascadero Rte. 1, Dem, houskeepr
Glendolene is also listed ca. 1930  in Phx 2-3 times, too.
No documentation of teacher training, and self educated, only. Story about “School Marm” was simply fiction as not substantiated at all by available records. & is simply hearsay, the last nail in the coffin, of supposed bio by Carlson.
This is the raw data, which did not want lost. It’s not in organized style nor form, but is here for perusal and where most of Part 1 and Part 2 came from.
OHio data.
thomas horn Ma. 23 Dec.1850, Coshocton co., OH, to mary Ann M. Miller.
BC data canada, thomas horn b. 1825, US, d. 20 Nov. 1891, Vancouver BC
1834 perry co. ohio tax records
Noah, Moses, Stephen, and Thos. horn listed!!!!
and just above and out of sequence, Howell Stephen!!! so thos Stephen horn was his name?
1850, Census,  OH, Knox, Jackson; 16 sept.
hardman horn 60 PA
Hannah 63 VA
**Thos. 24 OH; Eliz. 20; Hetta 18; Arzina  L. 16;
 malina 11; Fretina (Ernestina) 7, female ;  where these 3 from?  Nieces or grand kids?
Alexander 5, all b. OH., to whom? Hannah was too old!!!
Prev. pages is son,, Martin Horn. 14 sept. 1850
Martin Horn 39, Pa, farmer  $600
Drusilla 33 OH
Margaret 15; nancy 11; Aaron 9; Isaac Martin 7; amos 4, James K.
Martin horn b. 1811 PA, lived in Harrison tp. Scotland, MO, in 1870
tree on martin horn  b. 1811 Wash co., PA d. 1896, etna, Clark MO
Ma. 6 Apr. 1837, to Drusilla Melick 1817-1872
1860, OH, knox, jackson, Newcastle
Hartman horn 66, PA
Hanna horn 68 PA
Hetty horn 11
adolph connaway, 17
1860 census MO, Scotland, Harrison to.; 25 July, near Memphis, MO
Thomas Horn, 35 OH farmer $6K
Mary horn, 29 OH
Charles horn, 6, MO (sic); Wm. 4, MO,
*** Nancy B. 2 MIssouri ; (she’s there!)
PG with Thos. Jr. at the time if b. in 1860, or early 1861.
because Charles was born in OHIO, 1852-3, then they moved to MO in 1854-5 or so. Check Charles place born dates 1900 census, et. seq..
1870, MO, Scotland, Harrison tp.  dates of census taken not given but usually summer to fall, rarely after October.
Thos. 45 OH, farmer, farmer 2 K, not dark enough but readable of names, dates
Mary 39, OH
Chas. 16, MO(sic), Nancy 12 MO   (wm. gone!)
Thos. 10 MO, so born in 1860-
Martin 8; hannah 6; austin 3 male And mary 1 MO.
big gap, some kids missing?
1880, MO, Scotland, Harrison
Thomas Horn 54, OH, PA/”
Mary A. 49, OH, OH/”
Mart (in) 17
****Tom Horn 19 , MO; so was living there in 1880, too. and ran away AFTER 1880 census.
Carlson was wrong again.
Hannah 15;  Oss (Austin) 12; Maude 11; and Alice 5. all b. MO
1891, Can census  New Westminster, BC; 23 may 1891, 2 dist.
Thomas horn b. 1825, 66, ma., US, USA/Scotland ;   farmer, to Canada in 1889!!
mary a. 60 US  Baptists.
A. H. (Austin) 23; Alice 16
1901, Can census New westminster, BC; Delta area.
James b. Laney (sic Loney) 35 b. 17 dec. 1865, Ontario. Irish, Can, Ch. of England;
Bertha A. 25 US
Violet M. 5; john s. 3
Mary A. Horn 70 US  wid., b. 22 Jan. 1831; US, Imm. to Can. 1889!!!!
Xtian, g’mother
all kids b. in BC.
James B. Loney ma. 8 mar. 1895, N. What com, Washington state, US, to Bertha Alice Horn.
aft. bn. Carlton, NB, Can.
Bertha Alice b. 24 Apr. 1875, Granger (Memphis Co. seat), Scotland. MO
d. 10 Dec. 1971, BC; bu. surrey ctr. cem. Cloverdale.
ma. 1st  6 Mar. 1895, N. Whatcom, Whatcom Co, WA, both living in Elgin BC, near Vancouverr, to Jame Bennett Loney d. 31 jul12 1935, and next  ma. to Robert Andrew Brown.
1900, CO, Boulder , boulder;  enum. distr 161, 16 June.
Horn, Charles b. Jan. 1850, very clear, 50  (not true); MO PA/OH, also fa. b. OH
driver for grocery ma. ca. 1875 in MO, clearly
Elizabeth July 1855, 45 6/5, KY Ger/”
Inez sept 1884 MO; Carrie A. (caroline) Feb. 1888.
1880, KS, Reno, Valley tp. 3 jun.; ED 300
Charles Horn 27 (1852-3), MO stock raiser!! raised cattle, and hated rustlers!
Eliz. 27 Ky
Laura 4 MO; & Mary Ann 2.born KS!!!!
and laborers Shepherd, Samuel 27 ill, KY/”;;; Purdy, Wm. M. 22 Mo KY/”
so 6/5 in Boulder, and there; after kids were born, so likely in KS?
where other living 3 kids?
KS 1885 census or in 1895? back to Mo. by 1885, or earlier.
no evidence on Ks state cens but 1885 not available tho extent.
wife, Eliz. blattner horn, b. 1854, d. 1940
1910, Colorado census wrote Chas. was b. in Ohio, which is a first. came after Tom’s death, someone told him?, 1930, consistently after that. also mom from VA, too.
teamster for brewery co., likely Coors?
on charles Horn. b 1 jan. 1852, coshocton, OH (presumed), 1 year after parents ma, BTW in later dec. 1850, so fits.
d. 7 nov. 1930, Boulder, bu. columbia cem.
ma. 29 Nov. 1874, Clark Co., MO, to Elizabeth (Lizzie). Blattner, b. 21 jul 1854, Alexandr, campbell co., KY
d. 22 apr. 1940, Boulder, b. columbia cem. wtih bro.
d/o Henry blaettner, 1822 to 1895, and Eleonora MIller 1824 to 1901.
So another MIller connection!!!
1. Laura horn meeder, b. 4 jan. 1876 in Scotland, MD. d. 20 sept 1903 in boulder, bu columbia; she was ill,
2.Mary Ann Horn crandall , b. 1879, Reno co., KS, , d. 15 feb. 1969, San Diego CA, ashes unk.
3. Eliz. horn russell b. 7 oct. 1882, Wichita, KS, d. 15 mar. 1973, Denver, Co, bu. columbia cem.
4. Inze nancy horn johnson b. 15 sept. 1885, Etna, scotland, MO; d. 17 aug. 1955, bu. boulder with sibs.
5. Carrie A. horn O’Neal b. 2 feb. 1888, etna Scotland MO; d. boudler,  bu. columbia
so some time after 1888 moved to colorado!!!
Listed in CW records for 1862 from MO.
no btm of page trees for thos, horn.
This is a huge, very detailed genealogy as above and needs to be added to the above records.
1850, PA, Wash co., buffalo tp. where the horns once were
18 sept.
hugh craig. 55 PA
Hannah L. 55 PA
Margaret a. 24; Hugh m. 20; Jos. f. 17; Wm. b. 16; Hannah jr. 14
Thomas b. 10,
Alexander R. Craig. 22
Sarah g. 20
Martha Craig 78 mother ireland NOT scot, either!!!
Anna Craig 33, likely sister. PA,
1840, PA wahsington, buff tp.
next to hugh craig age 40-50, and that’s him, too.
Martha Craig age 60-70 which was 1770-1779 and that’s her and wid.
fdinagrave. hugh craig b. 5 mar. 1789, d. 13 nov. 1832, claysville cem., wash. co., PA
Martha craig, w/o hugh craig live from 1762 to 1814, sh d. 15 junl 1852, and was about 80,
bu. s. buff cem., in claysville, Wash. co., PA
Husband was Pvt. Alexander Craig bu. same place. rev. war?
.b.  1762;  d,. 12 apr. 1814; son elezer craig. 1811 to 1863.
All those Alexanders the case, this was Hannah’s bro and parents, likely.
Comment by Dana Kelly on December 31, 2013 at 2:22pm

I am looking for any information on Martha Kerr. She married Alexander Craig and they settled in Washington Co., PA. I found some information that suggested that the Kerr and Craig families came to America on the same ship. They both came from County Down, Ireland. Martha was born 1772 and died 15 Jan 1852 in Buffalo, Washington County, PA. Alexander was born in 1759 and died 17 Aug 1811 Buffalo, Washington County, PA. I have a letter written by their grandson, John Henderson Craig, to his sister, Martha (Craig) Darby, wife of John Wesley Darby. He is the son of Hugh Craig and Hannah Henderson. It mentions relatives…Aunt Henderson, Wesley, Alexander, Squire McLain, Hugh, Uncle James, Seth, Uncle Thomas, Aunt Drusilla

btm. of page is this.
John Craig b. 1762 Londonderry, Ireland
Migrated to USA about 1778
Married Mary Patterson about 1782 Washington County, PA
Died 1824 Clark Township, Coshocton County, OH !!!!!!
Son William Craig born 1785 Washington County, PA
Married Margaret Davidson 1805 Jefferson County, OH
Died 1853 Clark Township, Coshocton County, OH    !!!!!!

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