Table of Contents

Table of contents. Updated 24 Dec.. 2020

1. The Comparison Process, Introduction, Pt. 1

2. The Comparison Process, Introduction, Pt. 2

3. The Comparison Process, Introduction, Pt. 3

3A.. Extensions & Applications, parts 1 & 2.

4. The Comparison Process, The Explananda 1

5. The Comparison Process, The Explananda 2

6. The Comparison Process, The Explananda 3

7. The Comparison Process, The Explananda 4

8. The Comparison Process, The Explananda 5: Cosmology

9. AI and the Comparison Process

10. Optical and Sensory Illusions, Creativity and the Comparison Process (COMP)

11. The Emotional Continuum: Exploring Emotions with the Comparison Process

12. Depths within Depths: the Nested Great Mysteries

13. Language/Math, Description/Measurement, Least Energy Principle and AI

14. The Continua, Yin/Yang, Dualities; Creativity and Prediction

15. Empirical Introspection and the Comparison Process

16. The Spark of Life and the Soul of Wit

17. The Praxis: Use of Cortical Evoked Responses (CER), functional MRI (fMRI), Magnetic Electroencephalography (MEG), and Magnetic Stimulation of brain (MagStim) to investigate recognition, creativity and the Comparison Process

18. A Field Trip into the Mind

19. Complex Systems, Boundary Events and Hierarchies

20. The Relativity of the Cortex: The Mind/Brain Interface

21. How to Cure Diabetes (AODM type 2)

22. Dealing with Sociopaths, Terrorists and Riots

23. Beyond the Absolute: The Limits to Knowledge

24  Imaging the Conscience.

25. The Comparison Process: Creativity, and Linguistics. Analyzing a Movie

26. A Mother’s Wisdom

27. The Fox and the Hedgehog

28. Sequoias, Parkinson’s and Space Sickness.

29. Evolution, growth, & Development: A Deeper Understanding.

30. Explanandum 6: Understanding Complex Systems

31. The Promised Land of the Undiscovered Country: Towards Universal Understanding

32. The Power of Proliferation

33. A Field Trip into our Understanding

34.  Extensions & applications: Pts. 1 & 2.

(35. A Hierarchical Turing Test for General AI, this was deleted after being posted, and it’s not known how it occurred.)

35. The Structure of Color Vision

36. La Chanson Sans Fin:   Table of Contents

37. The Structure of Color Vision

38. Stabilities, Repetitions, and Confirmability

39. The Balanced Brain

40. The Limits to Linear Thinking & Methods

41. Melding Cognitive Neuroscience & Behaviorism An Hierarchical Turing Test for AI

43.  Do Neutron Stars develop into White Dwarfs by Mass Loss?

44. An Infinity of Flavors ?                   

45. The Origin of Infomration & Understanding; and the Wellsprings of Creativity

46. The Complex System of the Second Law of Thermodynamics

47. How Physicians Create New Information

48. An Hierarchical Turing Test for AI

49. The Neuroscience of Problem Solving

50. A Standard Method to Understand Neurochemistry’s Complexities

51. Problem Solving for Self Driving Cars: a Model.

52. A Trio of Relationships and Connections

53: Einstein’s Great Subtleties:  Einstein’s Edge

54. The Problem of Solving P not Equal to NP

55. How to Create a Blue Rose

56. The Etymologies of Creativity

57.  A Basic Model of a Unifying System of Most All Knowledge

58. Understanding Psych with S/F Brain Methods

59. The Wiggins Prime Sieve

60. The Complex System of Love

61. The Limits of the Comparison Process

62.  The Bees, Cortical Brain Structure, Einstein’s Brain, etc.

3. The Wiggins Prime Sieve, Version 3.

64. The Prime Quartets Method

65. Is Goldbach’s Conjecture True And/or False, Conditionally?

66. The Magic of the Prime Multiples and Goldbach’s….

67 The Wiggins Primes Sieve:  Cycles of 30’s in the Primes

68. Winning at Solitaire, Basic Strategies

69, The Failures of Idealisms & Brain Hardwiring in the Sciences

70. The Break Outs: The roots of Growth & Unlimited Creativities

71. How to Find the MH370 Crash Site

72. Walking Shortcuts, a Cameo Einstein’s Quotes & Neuroscientific Insights on Creativity & Understanding

74. Towards a Model of Everything 14 Jul. 2019

75. Addenda: The Walkabout Article  22 Jul 2019

76. NP not = P, Second considerations

77. The Kategoria of Incompletenesses, Limits to Our Growth.

78. The Flight of Tennis Balls:   A Cameo of Creative Thinking & Understanding

79. The S curves of Growth

80. A New Possible Sunspot Duration Detector

81. 2nd Addendum to Walking/Decision Making article.

82. Part 2: An Historical Genealogy of Tom Horn

83.  Part 1: An Historical Genealogy of Tom Horn

84. The Power of & Great Age of Human Predictions/Prophecies

85. Four Short, Creative Insight Articles

86>  The Likely Indian Ocean Southern Equatorial Current Crash Site of Flight MH370

87. Our Eyes Cannot See Our Eyes:  The The Fatal Empirical Flaws of Socialistms.

89. The Complex System of our Colour Vision.

90. Decision Making and Shopping.

91. How to Find Primes Any Where in the Number Line , Fast & Efficiently, No Matter How Large ; 5/20..

92.   The Problems of Causality, & Solutions..


93. The Compendium: Towards a Model of Everything, Nov. 2020

94. The Roots of Money, & Efficiencies of Growth

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