A Universal Model of Construction, Building, & Architectures

By Herb Wiggins, M.D.; Clinical Neurosciences; Discoverer/Creator of the Comparison Process/CP Theory/Model; Copyright © January 2021   

Applications to most all of the complexities of each piece & materials of it, to the whole of these fields.

Just more Structure/Function relationships, a universal processor used widely in raising smaller buildings out of wood, larger buildings with aluminum and the largest buildings with highly strong steel and related skyscraper S/F methods. Not to ignore most all stone, brick, and concrete structures as well. Just more easily understood with CP, S/F, and LE efficiencies.

Now the better part of 1 km., high, too.

Allmost all Structure/Function relationships, comparison process driven with observable, least energy guides, that is efficiencies driven. S/F analyses apply widely to most all construction, engineering of building, architectures and materials, plus the manufacturing of same materials. Most all of those vast fields can be desfibe in exacting details, with S/F rules and comparisons processing of S/F relationships. Of how most all structures are put together and work.

And all of the assembly lines are also S/F relations driven with least energy efficiencies, driving the rest. Manufacture of the most all building materials. S/F driven with Least energy methods of efficiencies. ALL of it CP, LE driven as its basis.

Understanding most all of the details of complexities, unimaginable as well. And how creativity understood using the same creates unlimited creativities in these related fields, as well. Creativities without limits.

Universal processes creating universal methods/architectures. ALL universal understanding of nearly everything connected and relating to everything else. All simple. All interconnected with most all else.

Thus, The Compendium. It applies to almost everything deeply, and provably. Buildings of Most All sorts, is S/F Comparison processing of outcomes with S/F and least energy guides. Widely used, almost always ignored, but nearly all applicable.

Universal processors create universal models, unified simply. 1 simple process does it all. Least energy drives efficiencies and those are detected by S/F comparisons.

Our Entire building and construction industry….. in all its vastnesses of materials, methods and outputs. Very easy to see, Simple, all the same, virtually.

Move over Einstein, we have universal, unifying models on the way……..


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