A New First Principle: Universality

By Steven H. Wiggins, M.D., Discoverer, creator of the Comparison Process Model, Copyright 2014; Posted 5 May 2022.

As previous addressed, the emission lines and absorption lines of the electron levels created by the nuclear structure, create the bonding, chemistry, biochemistry and characteristics of the atoms and elements. The emission lines and absorption lines are all the same, finger printing the atoms, elements and molecules, uniquely across all of the universe for billions of years and billions of light years and in all spaces and times in between.  & highly likely into the future, as well.

Depths Within Depths

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Thus because we humans can live anywhere and any when at present & in the past in our universe, over billions of light years and billions of years in the past, and all spaces and times in between where the conditions are right. This is because the laws of gravity, chemistry, and ThermD are the same, other living species can develop and evolve in the similar ways we have, too. What is true for us, that other species in the right conditions in our organized, very stable universe of laws, can live anywhere & any when, and presumably very likely into billions of years into the future and other places as well over billions of light years away from their origins.

This means clearly that the laws of the universe favor space faring species being created, widely, in our universe, but likely are not common as stabilities of solar systems and their suns are not always the case, tho likely over time, given the huge size & age of our very stable universe. The Universality Principle..

This Universality of the laws of physics supports, empirically and logically, the Search For ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence in our Universe and is very likely to be rewarded by eventually finding such life. Thi is a new observation & finding. The existence of those stable laws over all space and time, is very, very empirically the case. & the very stability of the laws of the universe as shown by Universality, highly support ET life coming about widely. 

Thus this First Principle can be used as an additional, new found characteristic of the laws of our universe, to justify ANY search for ETI. Because it, over time, will be rewarded by finding other space faring species, not completely like our own, yet intelligent, technological, and interplanetary exploring and travelling at least as we do.

And over time, interstellar traveling and exploring.

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